Edible ice

Edible ice is ice used in food or having close contact with food. Made with ice from drinking water, water quality must be very high. Food ice is used in catering, food and fishing industry.

Crafty ice

Crafty ice is specially grown ice used for making sculptures, songs of ice and other products manually or mechanically without the use of the ice maker.

Related products

Cool box with lid for storage and transportation of frozen food reusable. Allows to increase the shelf life and sales of products and reduces scrap during transportation.

Ice sculptures

The company offers a wide range of products from ice is the ice sculptures and compositions from the ice. Such work will be a great addition to the scenery and will be an unforgettable part of any event, creating a harmonious interior, regardless of the cause for celebration.

Company "JACK" is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of food and craft ice, as well as manufacture and installation of ice sculptures and compositions in St. Petersburg since 2010. We address the problem of absence or lack of ice, save your cost of maintenance and service of generators, but also bring creative solutions for your bar and not only activities. In most cases buying pre-packaged ice more cost effective than having your own ice maker.