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Production and delivery of food ice

Edible ice

Food ice is ice that is eaten or has close contact with food. Produced using ice makers from drinking water, the water quality must be very high. Food ice is used in the field of public catering, food and fish industry.

Craft ice

Craft ice is specially grown ice used for making sculptures, compositions of ice and other products by hand or by mechanical means without the use of an ice maker.

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Additional tools for working with ice, making cocktails, as well as for the storage and safe transportation of our products.


The company offers a wide range of ice products - these are ice sculptures and compositions made of ice, as well as services for organizing an outdoor bar. Our complex works will be a wonderful addition to the general decorations and will become an unforgettable part of any event, creating a harmonious interior and a wonderful mood, regardless of the occasion for the celebration.

The company "JACK" LLC is engaged in the production and supply of food and craft ice, as well as the production and installation of ice sculptures and compositions in St. Petersburg since 2010. We solve the problem of lack or shortage of ice, save your costs for the maintenance and maintenance of ice makers, and also bring creative solutions for your bar and other activities. In most cases, buying ready-packed ice is more cost-effective than having your own ice maker.

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